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Welcome To My Culinary Home. Where Cooking is a Passion, and Food is an Art-form!

The Passion

The Culinary Journey

I have enjoyed cooking for over thirty years! It all began early on, when I discovered a passion for cooking while serving in the U.S. Navy aboard Ship. I realized rather quickly, My future would involve cooking in some way or another. 

The Experience

The experience has been both rewarding and challenging! After the military, I enrolled In Le Cordon Bleu  College of Culinary Arts. Where I began the long road to learning the Art of Cooking! While attending, I met several Chef Instructors whose skills and experience were second to none. The knowledge, skills, and experience that I obtained during this time, would later prove to be invaluable! 

The Career

After Culinary College, I began my cooking career at an upscale Italian  restaurant in St. Louis, Mo. After several years later, I decided to take on a new challenge and accepted a position as Assistant Chef in the Executive Suites kitchen at Busch Stadium (Home of the St.louis Cardinals). I was fortunate enough to be there for the All Star Week, where I worked with one of Italy’s Master Chefs.

I currently reside in Orlando Florida, as a Private Chef.

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